The Clever Girl – A Clever Introduction to STEM

Craig Snodgrass, illustrator of robots and proud father of an adorable little girl, recently published his first book for kids: The Clever Girl.

Long-time Nuvango illustrator Craig Snodgrass has ventured into exciting new territory lately with the publication of his first kids’ book! A cute picture book available both for the Kindle and in paperback, The Clever Girl is about – you guessed it – a clever little girl who builds robots. We asked Craig to share the inspiration behind this story (which turned out to be his adorable three-year-old daughter) and then gave him a list of questions to ask the little muse. A transcript of their conversation follows Craig’s explanation.


Basically I made this story up on the fly one evening at bedtime. Over time and multiple re-tellings, the story began to take shape and develop its own cadence that my daughter would follow along with. I also wanted to plant the seed that would show my daughter that the world of robots and engineering wasn’t off-limits to her because she’s a girl. So I used elements she is interested in like robots and playing outside to help her visualize the story. After a while it occurred to me that I could probably put this into print. So earlier this year for her birthday I made her a rough-draft/working proto-type of the book. She enjoyed it very much, as did other people that I showed it to, so I decided to get to work. I refined the sketches into actual illustrations, applied coloring, and laid out the pages. Then I published it using the tools provided by Amazon.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Ummmm, a Pterdactyl-suit…

How do you think robots will change the world?

I don’t know…

If you could build a personal robot, would kind of robot would you make?

I don’t know…

What would it do?

I don’t know…

What would it be named?


What would it look like?

I don’t know… hey, can I see that orange thing?

No, that’s a pencil sharpener it can hurt you. So, lets keep talking…

Ok – hey can I see that gray thing?




No – see that, there – yes.

This – this is a mouse. What do you like to do for fun?

I don’t know. I like to play with that scary castle – graystull…

Castle Grayskull?

YEAH! Remember that one? It goes with the snake and it get BIGGER?

What about the Goldilocks woods?

Yeah, it got bloomed out?

What do you play in the Goldilocks woods?

Pterdactyls… Robots… sometimes Rabbits and Bunniess … Sometimes RACECARS. Can I see that thing now?

What thing?

That red thing with the dots.

What do you think of your dad’s storytelling abilities?

I don’t know…

What are your opinions of The Clever Girl?

I don’t know… just get one okay. Not two…

Just one? Do you like the book?

Yes. Want to read it?



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